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artist: Yves Reichmuth
album: Myriad
reference: UTR 4217
release date: 13.02.2009
running time: 33:19
line-up: Yves Reichmuth âEUR" guitar, composition
Jonas Tauber âEUR" bass
Dieter Ulrich âEUR" drums, prepared drums
credits: Recorded: February 9 & 10, 2006 by Andi Neresheimer at Radiostudio DRS, Zürich
Edited: April 12, 2006 by Christian Weber, Dieter Ulrich, Yves Reichmuth
Mixed: September 2 & 3, 2007, January 21, 2008 by Ron Kurz, Dieter Ulrich, Yves Reichmuth at Hardstudios, Winterthur
Mastered: November 2008 by Willy Strehler
Producer: Yves Reichmuth
Executive producer: Peter Bürli for DRS II
liner notes: âEURzReichmuth dares to go as an autodidact into realms closed to even the most freethinking jazz musiciansâEURoe
Die Wochenzeitung, Zurich

MYRIAD is ReichmuthâEURTMs new vehicle for oblique and balanced compositions. With Jonas Tauber and Dieter Ulrich he has found his ideal partners, decidedly getting to labour with agility and energy.
MYRIAD have found their own language in the periphery of contemporary improvised music; an amalgam made of different states of material âEUR" music that takes varying structures depending on its energy level. A sound that could mutate from say a classic jazz guitar trio to a powerhouse rock trio to a chamber music ensemble.
Its playfulness leads the band to a nearly endless variety of form. We find dark, heavy blues, lightfooted crystalline structures, swing jazz, psychedelic miniatures. And the cathartic discharge of raw energy reminiscent of 80âEURTMs freeimprov or 60âEURTMs free jazz.
MYRIAD means âEURzan infinite number ofâEURoe. This trio is holding open to try new paths and find new forms.
links: www.yvesreichmuth.ch
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