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Kadash & The Nile Troup  
artist: Kadash & The Nile Troup
album: Kadash & The Nile Troup
reference: UTR 5006
release date: 01.09.1998
running time: 61:48
line-up: Kadash:
Co Streiff âEUR" alto sax, soprano sax
Martin Schumacher âEUR" tenor sax, baritone sax, clarinet
Tommy Meier âEUR" tenor sax, soprano sax, pipe
Ben Jeger âEUR" accordeon, farfisa, clavichord
Christian Kuntner âEUR" double bass, e-bass
Andi Hug âEUR" drums
Fredi Flükiger âEUR" drums, guitar

The Nile Troup:
Reda Shiha âEUR" vocals
Niema Mohammed âEUR" vocals
Mustapha Abdel Aziz âEUR" argoul
Ibrahim Shahin âEUR" ney
Shaker Ismail âEUR" rababa
Ragab Sadek âEUR" tabla
Mohamed Kholossy âEUR" dagat, duff
credits: Produced by Co Streiff and Peter Bürli/Radio DRS 2
Recorded by Martin Pearson for Radio DRS, on May 16/17 1998 at KiFF, Aarau
Mix and Mastering: Stefan Thelen at Oakland Recording Studio, Winterthur
liner notes: Occident meets Orient
The five musicians of Kadash have traveled widely in the past fifteen years. A lot of this travel took place in their minds. Other trips took them down the roads of Eastern Europe with Turkish singer and saz virtuoso Tanju Dalgic, to Africa with the Federlos circus, and âEUR" in the past two years âEUR" from Switzerland to Egypt in the company of "Nile Troup", a popular orchestra of variable make-up often seen and heard in the Nile Valley. Recorded in concert in the "Kiff" in Aarau, this last production chronicles a meeting of unprejudiced minds: the result is a record that will turn your head and make you dance. Light ages away from an umpteenth piece of what has come to be known as world music, this is no watered down exercise in new age tonalities tailored to flatter ears overfed on cut-rate fusion. The two groups joined to create a repertory made up of traditional tunes and original compositions. These are very open âEUR" little by little they construct an edifice reminiscent of a nomad tent or a vibrant Arabian Nights bazaar. Piercing and festive Egyptian melodies set against a powerful rhythmic tradition serve as the backdrop for each musical solo, charting a territory of imaginary folklore in which we move with a freedom that co-called folklore rarely gives âEUR" shifting saxophones ("Zombie"), traditional violins, electric guitars ("Feuer") and Arab songs, organs and tablas bubble in this heady melting pot. As its signature piece the new orchestra superbly performs a hymn by Fela, an artist who has succeeded in breathing new life into African music in a spirit of deep respect for the roots, with a message of resistance never as burning as it is today.
links: www.costreiff.ch
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