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artist: Yves Cerf
album: Samayac
reference: UTR 4079
release date: 01.04.1995
running time: 56:34
line-up: Raul Esmerode âEUR" Batterie, Percussion
Horacio Fumero âEUR" Contrebasse
Yves Massy âEUR" Trombone, Trompette
Carlos Baumann âEUR" Trompette, Bugle
Ian Gordon-Lennox âEUR" Trompette, Euphonium, Tuba
Yves Cerf âEUR" Saxophones, Kena, Compositions
credits: Enregistré "comme au Studio"... en public par Stéphane Métraux les 18 et 19 décembre 1993, au Sud des Alpes (AMR Genève)
Mixage: Stéphane Métraux, Studio Lorelei
Mastering: Chris De La Guga
liner notes: Samayac âEUR" the official secret
A wind quartet, double bass and percussion combining theatre music (popular or poetic?), latin music (archaic or sophisticated?) and improvisation (free or structured?). The orchestration may fool you with warm and intimate sounds âEUR" three mute trumpets and a panflute âEUR" and then again shake you with electrified urban sounds where the horns attack the reeds and the drums. The unity of the orchestra and its exquisite sound result from a long common way and deep friendship. Most of the musicians on this records play and played together in other bands such as "Fanfare du Loup", Yves MassyâEURTMs "No Hay Problema en the Kitchen" or "Los Jairas", a group playing Bolivian music where bassist Horacio Fumero and Yves Cerf met at the end of the seventies. When Yves Cerf got a Carte Blanche at the AMR, GenevaâEURTMs most reputed jazz center âEUR" Carte Blanche means: invite who ever you consider interesting for your ideas to come true âEUR" it became the initial point of "Samayac". A week in the Swiss Pavillon of the World Exhibition in Sevilla, Spain, and a couple of summer festivals followed. Steadily the band developed a unique expression and enlarged its repertory. This CD was recorded live in the AMR âEUR" but in studio-like conditions: The audience experienced all the breaks and ruptures of usual studio work, several takes of the same piece, failings, success. And it brought what any studio is missing: the tension of real listeners. Get it âEUR" on Samayac!
links: www.yvescerf.net
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