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San Gottardo  
artist: Eichenberger & The Mytha Horns
album: San Gottardo
reference: UTR 5003
release date: 01.09.1994
running time: 43:30
line-up: Markus Eichenberger âEUR" clarinet, bassclarinet
Hans Kennel âEUR" alphorn, büchel
Carlos Baumann âEUR" alphorn, büchel
Marcel Huonder âEUR" alphorn, büchel
Stefan Schlegel âEUR" alphorn
credits: Recorded on January 23rd 1994 at Radiostudio DRS Zürich by Martin Pearson
Mastering on February 13th 1994 by Martin Pearson and Markus Eichenberger
liner notes: Archaic popular music meets intellectual Avant Garde
Two irreconcilable worlds brought together: Archaic popular music and intellectual avant garde. Eichenberger and the four musicians of The Mytha Horns have succeeded in connecting these two worlds in a surprisingly unique fashion. The alphorn freed of its folkloristic touch and combined with improvised jazz âEUR" the natural combined with the well-tempered chromatic scale âEUR" "San Gottardo" illustrates that these cultures actually have more in common than one might suspect. Clarinetist Markus EichenbergerâEURTMs compositions unite the sound and melodic qualities of the natural scale and the tradition of the alphorn in an exciting new way and seek new relations to the numerous possibilities the clarinet provides. Somewhat clumsy folk dances are transformed into surrealistic soundscapes while jazzy grooves rediscover an unknown alpine origin. After years of experimenting with alphorns EichenbergerâEURTMs compositions oscillate between alpine tradition and collective improvisation allowing the differences to unite and develop in manifold ways. At its centre is blowing itself. The alphorns create incomparable "blown spaces" were the clarinet can move freely. Even if the clarinet is a solo intrument per se, Eichenberger makes sure it does not outweigh the idea of dynamics and contrast.
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