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Alpine Two  
artist: Alpine Jazz Herd
album: Alpine Two
reference: UTR 5002
release date: 01.01.1993
running time: 62:38
line-up: Hans Kennel âEUR" trumpet, cornet, büchel, alphorn, lead voice
Jürg Solothurnmann âEUR" tenor, alto and sopran saxophones, voice
Paul Haag âEUR" trombone, voice
Jürg Ammann âEUR" piano
Heiri Känzig âEUR" contrabass
Marco Käppeli âEUR" drums, percussion, cowbell
Hans Hassler âEUR" accordion
Roland Schiltknecht âEUR" Swiss hammered dulcimer
Urs Klauser âEUR" Swiss bagpipe
Beat Wolf âEUR" Swiss bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy
credits: Produced by Hans Kennel and Jürg Solothurnmann in collaboration with Willy Bischof and Peter Bürli (Swiss Radio DRS)
Recording: 15.âEUR"19. April 1991 at Studio 2, Radio DRS, Zürich/Switzerland. Direct to Digital Stereo
Sound Engineer: Martin Pearson
liner notes: The transformation of tradition comes across strong and convincing.
Alpine Jazz Herd is the name of a legendary formation in Swiss jazz. Led by trumpet player Hans Kennel from Zug (central Switzerland) and the saxophonist Jürg Solothurnmann from the Swiss capital Berne this herd of musicians has been exploring the possibilities of a synthesis of Swiss folkmusic and jazz. Synthesis not applied in the sense of a fusion as can be found in world music but more of a reflection of one in the other. The first double album titled "Swiss Flavour" was released in 1983 (UTR 4003 LP) and astonished listeners with its unconventional combination of two completely different cultures. Bringing together the conservativism of Swiss folklore with the revolutionary spirit of jazz proved a success. The second release "Alpine Two" continues this synthesis. Based on archiac folkloristic themes and songs, Alpine Jazz Herd presents a new colorful and subtly nuanced music. And thanks to the artistic integrity of its musicians, "Alpine Two" is just as exciting as "Swiss Flavour" was ten years earlier. Building bridges from one tradition to an other, refering to local culture and history and in doing so proving a very contemporary comprehension of music. Patriotic? "Alpine Two" is far from it in spite of authentic Swiss intruments. On the contrary, "Alpine Two" is a critical reflection of the term "Heimat", a term which often weighs heavily on the perception of Swiss history. But the Alpine Jazz Herd manages to remain light, bright, at times melancholic and touching, but always jazzy. The transformation of tradition comes across strong and convincing.
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