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Kara Deniz-Black Sea  
artist: Burhan Öcal-Enver Izmailov
album: Kara Deniz-Black Sea
reference: UTR 5001
release date: 01.04.1992
running time: 57:00
line-up: Burhan Ã-çal âEUR" darbuka, davul, saz, oud, vocals
Enver Izmailov âEUR" electric guitar without effect equipment
credits: Recorded on November 20 & 21, 1991, at Studio Lenox in Brig, Switzerland
Mixed in April 1992 at Studio Lenox. Engineer: Christian Moser
Produced by Pius Knüsel and UNIT Records
liner notes: Traditional oriental meets contemporary Western ideas of music
European ears will consider it folk, Asian ears will hear contemporary improvised music: "Kara Deniz âEUR" Black Sea". The superb Turkish multi-instrumentalist Burhan Ã-çal and the Tartar guitarist Enver Izmailov present an amazing CD uniting the traditional oriental and contemporary Western ideas of music. Based on material written by Izmailov, the 9 compositions confront Uzbekian and Tartaric folk songs with improvisation. Enver Izmailov is one of the most interesting musicians of the former USSR, his amazing ten-finger tapping technique allows him to combine highly complex melodies and accompaniment simultaneously without using overdubs. The second in this perfect pair, Burhan Ã-çal, adds his energetic improvisations using a large range of Turkish percussion and string instruments. The result is Oriental music set against the background of a subtle understanding for European music âEUR" masterly, emotional, crossing cultural boundaries. It is the first release outside Russia featuring Enver Izmailov. And for Burhan Ã-çal it means his first CD after almost three years.
links: www.burhanocal.com
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