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artist: Yves Reichmuth
album: Fractal
reference: UTR 4181
release date: 23.03.2007
running time: 46:47
line-up: Yves Reichmuth âEUR" guitar, composition
Lucien Dubuis âEUR" bassclarinet, contrabassclarinet
Jonas Tauber âEUR" bass
Lionel Friedli âEUR" drums
credits: Recorded on October 3rd & 4th 2005 at Artefax Studios, Lausanne by Bernard Amaudruz
Edited on November 18th & 19th 2005 at Bauhall Studios, Zürich, by Eric Hunziker & Yves Reichmuth
Mixed on May 10th & 11th 2006 at Radiostudio Zürich by Ron Kurz
Mastering at Hardstudios Winterthur by Ron Kurz
liner notes: Freestyle Avant-Jazz
Young and contemporary, powerful but still playful âEUR" the sound of FRACTAL (from latin fractus = broken) is intelligently playing with breaches between new shores and convention.
The quartet around guitar player Yves Reichmuth is experimenting with anarchical wit with composed and improvised matter, creating an intense music of rare authenticity.
This music is sometimes flowing and pushing, sometimes archaic and angular, but always clear and accessible.
Tonal material like tunes, formal structures or vamps are used as a starting point for collective instant composing, which may result in punk-rock-style grooves, swing jazz, explosive noise eruptions, dark and entrancing themes or ambient soundscapes.
Alongside the explosive momentum of this music, there is always a place for filigree moments and a healthy dose of nonchalance, which makes this band a great experience.
The musicians are some of the most sought-after cracks of the younger swiss avant-garde scene, having been touring all over the world and played with famous artists like Marc Ribot, Ellery Eskelin, Christian Weber, Manuel Mengis, Martin Schütz, Ensemble Modern etc.
links: www.yvesreichmuth.ch
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