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Suisse Couture  
artist: Various Artists
album: Suisse Couture
reference: UTR 5000
release date: 01.03.1997
running time: 72:17
line-up: Various Artists
credits: Digital Editing: Michel Wintsch
Producer: Lucas Niggli
liner notes: An Introducing into Contemporary Switzerland âEUR" Unit Records Sampler
Alongside the latest UNIT catalogue, called «Neighbours», the first UNIT sampler is to be released in spring. It does come about springlike! ItâEURTMs a compilation of twenty-three tracks by twenty-three bands and soloists of the «Society of improvising Swiss musicians» whose label is called UNIT Records. In the course of its 15 years of existence, UNIT has released more than one hundred recordings. So it was about time to unite this enormously manifold and lively scene on a sampler of contemporary improvisational music. The selection combines excerpts from recent and older UNIT productions with the labelâEURTMs most important musicians, their bands and their very peculiar musical languages. As hilly as the topography of this country encircled by Europe may be, as vitally and masterly the musicians shake hands on «Suisse Couture». «Suisse Couture» intends to make a contribution to the identification of a Swiss culture believed to be missing. It proves how intensively Swiss musicians explore the field of shifting different styles and how they overcome musical limits and ditches. Finally, «Suisse Couture» is the soundtrack that fits the independent Swiss jazz labels joint catalogue «Neighbours».
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