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artist: Pierre Favre
album: Portrait
reference: UTR 5004
release date: 01.02.1997
running time: 57:46
line-up: Pierre Favre âEUR" Drums
credits: Produced by Pierre Favre
All compositions by Pierre Favre
Recorded: Rythmasound AG Basel by Benno Hofer
Mixed & mastered 1997 by Benno Hofer, TON ART, Basel, Switzerland
liner notes: Pierre FavreâEURTMs solo project
For about a quarter of a century Pierre Favre has been performing as a solo percussionist. People from many countries, and speaking different languages, share the opinion that his way of playing bespeaks subtle intuition as well as intelligence. Nothing explains, however, why those soli appear to be younger now than at the time they were created. IâEURTMm not capable of expressing this circumstance either âEUR" even if IâEURTMm not thinking of the woods. What is it that makes the woods grow younger as time goes by? ThereâEURTMs more than just a single analogy between PierreâEURTMs world and the woods. ItâEURTMs the same timeless legend made up over and over again. Above all itâEURTMs that same silence enlivened with thousands of mute voices gradually beginning to speak: ItâEURTMs the sigh of a gentle breeze touching the leaves of a giant tree, the sonorous sound of toads in the soaked green of the underwood, the telegraphy of a woodpecker sounding a trunk whilst the air is being filled by voices of colourful birds. Really the arts and life both tell the same legend, though in their own way. ItâEURTMs a legend we all belong to, telling us that our origin is by no means past and that our real birth is still to come. (Roger Favre)
links: www.pierrefavre.ch
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