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artist: Markus Eichenberger / Roberto Domeniconi
album: Improvisations
reference: UTR 4811
release date: 12.01.2018
running time: 47:28
line-up: Markus Eichenberger - bass-clarinet
Roberto Domeniconi - piano

liner notes: What happens beneath the noise of time? At what volume does music have to be for it to find itself therein? The two protagonists had little in the way of intentions when first improvising with one another in 2015, but they collectively discovered a sound that produces a major impact in its subtlety. This music is secretively clear, non-intrusive, and never threatens to lose itself in its aimlessness. It penetrates almost silently the noise of time. For 40 years, clarinettist Markus Eichenberger has been involving himself in various settings and projects, dealing almost exclusively with improvisation, consistently experimenting, and steadily working on his sound. Domeniconi equals his counterpart’s efforts, modestly displaying a collection of unique and previously unheard movements of sounds and space.

links: www.eichenberger.li
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