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What What  
artist: Pericopes
album: What What
reference: UTR 4799
release date: 12.01.2018
running time: 57:57
line-up: Emiliano Vernizzi - Soprano & Tenor Saxophone
Alessandro Sgobbio - Piano

credits: Compositions by Alessandro Sgobbio (1,3,6,8), Emiliano Vernizzi (2,4,7,9), Alessandro Sgobbio & Emiliano Vernizzi (5)
Recorded at ArteSuono Recording Studios, Cavalicco (UD) - Italy
Recording Date: 17,18 September 2013
Studio engineer and mastering by Stefano Amerio

Special Thanks: Harald Haerter and everyone at Unit, Stefano Amerio, Angela Lorenz, Nicolas Hermann, gaelic, Bernard Glenat, Iolanda Palmisano and Stefano Sgobbio, Ingrid Fooken and Jobst Heemeyer, Teatro Sociale Gualtieri, Centro Culturale Protestante Palazzo Cavagnis Venezia, Mario Fiappo, 59Rivoli, Focke Museum in Bremen, Christine Sörries, Roberto Morelli, Antonia Gelmini

Contact: info@pericopes.it

liner notes: Saxophonist Emiliano Vernizzi & pianist Alessandro Sgobbio, active as Pericopes since 2007, present an intimate collection of melodic fragments and silences in their sixth new studio album “What What” after touring extensively for over three years in Europe and USA. Pericopes have composed a brand new repertoire between Paris - where they were invited for the Jazz Pas Grave Festival - and a residency in Piemonte (Italy). Pericopes have received several jazz awards, such as the Umbria Jazz Contest, the Padova Carrarese Prize, and a mention at the Italian Top-Jazz « Best group of the year top-list »

links: www.pericopes.it
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