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For Many Moons  
artist: Quartett Ny Batteri
album: For Many Moons
reference: UTR 4826
release date: 08.12.2017
running time: 47:14
line-up: Severin Rauch - Drums/Toys
Sebastian Gieck - Double Bass
Karl Ivar Refseth - Vibes
Joscha Arnold - Tenor/Soprano Saxophone
Micha Acher - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

credits: All compositions by Joscha Arnold
Recorded at Alien Studio Weilheim
Recording Date Summer 2016
Studio engineer and mastering by Willy Löster
Recorded and mixed by Willy Löster at Alien Studio Weilheim
All Songs written by Joscha Arnold

Thank you to the listener for taking the time in this fast world today!
Special thanks to our families, Beatrice, Nicolas and Eric, Foundation Collatrice, Micha and everybody at Alien/Trifthof, Willy Löster, Barbara Koller for the good Energy, Harald and Lukas at Unit, Leni, Stephan at Uhlenspiegel Druck, Cafe Sonnendeck.

liner notes: Its here. The new project of Saxophonist/Composer Joscha Arnold ("Twist", 2014 DMCHR 71137) is called Quartet Ny Batterì and is built around his rhythm section with drummer Severin Rauch and Bassist Sebastian Gieck from Munich. The fourth man in the new squad is Norwegian Vibes-wizard Karl Ivar Refseth (The Notwist/Alien Ensemble) . Even Micha Acher ( The Notwist Co-founder) contributes in a colorful way to three Tracks on the record, playing trumpet and flugelhorn.
On "For many moons" they band is presenting a rich and beautifully balanced journey through harmony, melody, sphere and groove. The Vibes add with the typical vibrant air-light mode to the sound of the saxophone trio.
"The record is about the beauty that is given to us. And also the hope of re-thinking our actions as human beings on this planet. Its the opportunity of taking a moment to come to yourself." ,Arnold says.

links: www.joscha-arnold.de
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