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Christina's Party  
artist: Aliéksey Vianna & Roberto Koch
album: Christina's Party
reference: UTR 4817
release date: 24.11.2017
running time: 58:29
line-up: Aliéksey Vianna - classical guitar and 8-string “Brahms” guitar
Roberto Koch - double bass

credits: Compositions by Aliéksey Vianna, Roberto Koch, Sérgio Assad and Ralph Towner
Recorded at: Sélavy Music Studios
Recording Date: 21 to 31.10.16
Studio engineer: Michael Scherrer and Jonas Prina
Mastered by: Hannes Kumke

Contact: viannakoch@gmail.com

liner notes: The Brazilian guitarist Aliéksey Vianna and the Venezuelan bassist Roberto Koch form a duo of great virtuosity and versatility, with individual musical backgrounds that include jazz, Western classical music, and their South American heritage. Through a repertoire with their own compositions and pieces of their idols Ralph Towner and Sergio Assad, they invite listeners to a colorful journey in their duo debut album - a journey that reveals great artistry and instrumental skills of both musicians, as well as their multicultural roots.
links: www.aliekseyvianna.com
listen and buy the album at:
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