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The Way Things Go  
artist: Sléndro
album: The Way Things Go
reference: UTR 4828
release date: 24.11.2017
running time: 45:57
line-up: Christoph Gisin | trumpet, flugelhorn, hang, doussn‘gouni
Jérôme von Allmen | guitars
Christian Gutfleisch | keyboards
Dominik Schürmann | bass
Lucio Marelli | drums & percussion

credits: Aufnahmedatum: July 10th, October 11/12th
Aufnahmestudio: Subvibes Productions, Basel CH

liner notes: With the clarity of classical music, with the intimacy of a singer, with the purity of a happy (wo)man, Sléndro transposes what constitutes this world - or rather of what it should constitute- into sounds. "Sléndro" lures as a intercultural convergence between music of the whole world and free improvisations to new musical territories. Whereby the term "new territories" is defined as not to declare a label, nor a name or type to what flows so weightlessly and captivatingly from the instruments of the formation from Basel. The trumpet, hang and doussn'gouni build the framework for profound elegies and far-reaching flights, wherein an expressive electric guitar and a rocking Hammond organ take off. A charismatically played out richness of tones between soft inwardness and sprouting euphoria - these are the pieces of Sléndro componist Christoph Gisin whose expansive melodies and distinctive rhythm are style defining. Here, the best moments in Jazz shine as bright as those from classical music. From the joyfully opened chords, one can overhear a delicate melancholy, a passionate glee to make music that feeds off of the desire to experiment. Clarity, melody and harmony carry also the heights of free improvisation. br>

links: www.slendro.ch
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