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The path up  
artist: Joran Cariou Trio
album: The path up
reference: UTR 4798
release date: 10.11.2017
running time: 54:32
line-up: Joran Cariou : Piano, Rhodes, Synthesizer
Damien Varaillon - bass
Stéphane Adsuar - drums
Pierre Perchaud - guitars
credits: Aufnahmedatum: April 25/26/27 2016
Aufnahmestudio: Studio de Meudon, Meudon FR
Enregistré au Studio de Meudon les 25, 26, 27 avril 2016 par Clément Garriel
Mixé par Tony Paeleman au Studio des Bruères les 11, 12, 13 août 2016.
Masterisé par Tony Paeleman
Graphisme & photos : Guillaume Hugonnard

This recording is the accomplishment of a long process. A few years ago I started a personal journey of introspection, which undoubtedly influenced my creativity, bringing out the best of myself into this record. My first special thanks go to Stéphane and Damien, two amazing friends, musicians and riding partners, who came of great help in the realisation of this project. I also want to express my warmest thanks to Pierre Perchaud for his musicality, his invaluable advice and his easy-going personality. I thank as well not only Tony Paeleman and Clément Garriel for their work, their musical ear and their understanding of my project, but also Guillaume Hugonnard for his graphic and visual input, Sanjy Ramboatiana and Stéphane Remus-Borel for their inspiration, and Thierry Girault who gave me a taste for making my own music.
I wish to express my profound gratitude to my family and friends who never failed to help and support me, and my heartfelt thanks to Harald Haerter for his precious contribution.

liner notes: “The Path Up” is an album of many variations, with subtle and exhilarating grooves. It upholds a very personal style, and takes us on a thriving musical journey. With this first album, and considered as one of the great talents of the new scene of French jazz music, Joran Cariou exposes a very meaningful and personal universe which already reveals him as a major marking figure of his generation. Influenced by various music styles (ranging from jazz, pop, folk, soul electro to classical music), Joran relied on time to mature his project before composing the nine tracks of “The Path Up”. A process which resulted in a finely crafted work of great musical elegance, with clean melodic lines, dreamlike tones, and allowing much room for improvisation. An invitation on a journey! Being of a great sensitivity, and of a rather inward-looking nature, Joran uses music as a mean to express his emotions. Indeed, the sound of the trio, along with the melodies, the rhythmic variations, the improvisations, the name of the album and its pieces, all of these latter contribute to rendering “Path” as a passionate and contrasted journey which, over the tracks, brings its share of surprises, of explosive and calm moments, reveries, times of sharing and times of solitude.

links: www.jorancariou.com
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