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Search for beauty  
artist: Kaleidoskop
album: Search for beauty
reference: UTR 4808
release date: 10.11.2017
running time: 58:44
line-up: Dimitrij Markitantov – Saxophon
Christian Hammer – Gitarre
Alexander Morsey – Bass
Fethi Ak – Percussion

credits: Aufnahmedatum: 31.3.15 / 8.4.16
Aufnahmestudio: Germany
Tracks 1,3,5,7 by Dimitrij Markitantov
Tracks 2,4 by Christian Herbert Richard Franziskus Hammer
Track 6 by Philippe Francois Emmanuel Garcia, Erik Truffaz/Blonde Music
Track 8 by Cole Porter/Warner Inc
Track 9 traditional
Recorded by Daniel Sanleandro on 31.3.15 and 8.4.16
Mixed by Thomas Erkelenz
Mastered by Ulf Horbelt at dms
Photo by Thomas Weiss

liner notes: A poetic spark of virtuosity, yearning, full of promise and fulfilling at the same time. Four extraordinary musicians interweave a wide musical range to combine modern Jazz with folkloric elements from South Eastern Europe and the Orient with elegance and charm. Kaleidoskop. Roughly translated as seeing beautiful forms, can be heard here literally, as a brilliant shimmer of all spectral colors, focused in a striking musical event. Jazz Guitarist Christian Hammer, thankfully blessed in his search for beauty, found three powerful fellow musicians and thus a congenial cast for his quartet. Saxophonist Dimitrij Markitantov combines modern jazz saxophone with the vibrant, fluttering sound of South Eastern Europe. Embedded and surrounded by Christian Hammer’s guitar, which sometimes contrasts and sometimes complements, sometimes playful, quiet at times, carefully groping, then decidingly, powerful, full stylistic brilliance. Alex Morsey uses the double bass and the tuba to create the impressive foundation of the music and, with his unique playing style, also sets some of the most striking musical highlights. The rhythmic threads hold Fethi Ak in his hands, who with his breathtaking and tempting play set the frame, that opens the space for the interpretation of original compositions and tunes from jazz and world music.

links: www.kaleidoskop.band
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