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artist: Sputnik Muzik
album: Überflug
reference: UTR 4185
release date: 09.03.2007
running time: 49:10
line-up: Othmar Brügger - electric guitar with loops
Albin Brun - soprano & tenor saxophone, swiss folk accordion
Guest: Willy Kotoun - percussion
credits: Recorded in spring 2006 at «The Roaring Lion Studio», Kriens
Mixed, mastered and produced by Othmar Brügger, 2007
liner notes: Electronic Worldmusic Jazz
In 1957, exactly half a century ago, the Sowjet Union won one set in the game about the conquest of the universe against the arch-enemy, the USA: Sputnik, the first satellite to be sent into the orbit. In about one and a half hour, it surrounded the earth. A small ball, whose sign of life was a monotone beeping sound, wrote an important chapter in the history of mankind.
Exactly fifty years later, the two Swiss Musicians Othmar Brügger (git, loops) and Albin Brun (sax, schwyzerörgeli) dedicate their first common CD Überflug to the Russian Satellite. Sputnik Muzik travels around the world, and the compositions are a tribute to the satellite`s journey. Brügger and Brun float through the orbit. They zoom in on different musical regions that attract their attention. They transform these impressions into their very own style. Sputnik Muzik harmonizes the world of jazz and electronics with different folk music traditions.
Othmar Brügger`s musical roots are based on Jazz and Rock. Various projects from solo to Big Band and his contributions to Radio broadcasts (Swiss Radio DRS) or literary readings testify for his wide understanding of musical expression.
Albin Brun is a well known Jazz Saxophone player. But he also has a special preference for Folk Music. As a musician and composer, he has taken part in different radio plays and theatre productions. Various CD`s are documents of his vivid musical work.
The current CD of the Albin Brun`s NAH Trio called "NAH-Aufnahmen" (0081350 ALP Alpentöne/Phonag) is according to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung NZZ: "One of the outstanding CD`s of «New Swiss Folk Music» of the last fifteen years."
On some tracks on Überflug, the Percussionist Willy Kotoun is joining the Sputnik Muzik duo. He gets his inspiration from different styles of percussion from all over the world especially Afrocuban and western African percussion. He is well known as a sideman of various artists.
links: www.othmarbruegger.ch
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