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artist: Dick / Kiekbusch / Zimmerlin
album: @
reference: UTR 4697
release date: 13.10.2017
running time: 43:41
line-up: Robert Dick – Flutes
Uli Johannes Kieckbusch – Piano
Alfred Zimmerlin – Cello

credits: All compositions by Dick / Kieckbusch / Zimmerlin
Recorded at Studio 1, Radio Studio Zürich
Recording Date: November 24 and 25, 2001
Studio engineer and mastering by Martin Pearson

Special Thanks to Peter Bürli

Contact: info@kunstundmusik.com
liner notes: The trio Dick/Kieckbusch/Zimmerlin is up for this fine art of improvisation. Without any previous agreements this music is brought to you, in a way, it makes on think that it has surely been composed for the three of them. By feeling this deeply rooted understanding of musical structures and harmonies everyone can tell that the three musicians are composers as well, who share an unspoken understanding for on another. The CD “@” is almost a model for this kind of music, with a wide range of colors, of meanings and varieties to it and still done as if this was the only possible way of expressing everything. But not only the music also the setting is on of its own: flute, piano and cello.
links: www.robertdick.net
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