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artist: The Swindlers
album: TALK!
reference: UTR 4793
release date: 13.10.2017
running time: 52:47
line-up: Jan F. Kurth – Vocals, Effects
Nico Hutter – Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Effects
Jonathan Sell – Double Bass
Konrad Wiemann – Drums, Percussion

credits: Aufnahmedatum: 2016
Aufnahmestudio: Klangwelt Studios, Essen DE
All compositions by KING CRIMSON
Recorded and Produced by The Swindlers 2016
Mixed by Niko Faust at Klangwelt Studios Essen, 2016
Mastered by Alex Kloss at Maarweeg Studios Köln, 2017

Contact: mail@theswindlers.de
liner notes: The Swindlers set off to the court of the crimson king and pay homage to the rock legend King Crimson. The Swindlers don’t simply cover King Crimson’s music. They create their own sound, which is acoustic and ranges from subtle to expressive, by means of a very untypical instrumentation comprising vocals, bassclarinette and saxophone, double bass and percussion. King Crimson have refined rock music from the late sixties until this day. With their epic and playful compositions and improvisations, their surrealistic lyrics as well as excentric instrumentation, they have been a crucial part in rock history. The Swindlers are characterized by an open approach, expressive sounds and enthusiastic improvisations. Their adaptations of King Crimson Songs are elaborated and sophisticated containing many elements of surprise. TALK! is not only an album for fans of King Crimson, but for all people interested in recent music.

links: www.theswindlers.de
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