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The Child In Me  
artist: Andreas Herrmann
album: The Child In Me
reference: UTR 4801
release date: 13.10.2017
running time: 54:16
line-up: Andreas Herrmann – Piano
Norbert Scholly – Guitar
Arne Huber – Bass
Fabian Rösch – Drums

credits: All compositionsons by Andreas Herrmann
Recorded: 25. and 26.08 2016 at Loft Köln by Christian Heck
Mixed: 08. and 09.02.2017 at Tonart Studio by Christian Heck
Mastered: 28.03.2017 at Sterling Sound NY by Greg Calbi

Contact: Andreas Herrmann, Reutebachgasse 43, D-79108 Freiburg
liner notes: In his new project, The Child In Me, pianist Andreas Herrmann explores his childish side – demonstrating, yet again, his quality as a composer. Until now mainly appearing with his trio, which was nominated for the Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis in 2010, the pianist has now come up with a first-class quartet with Norbert Scholly (guitar), Arne Huber (bass) and Fabian Rösch (drums). The harmonically extremely complex and sometimes metrically convoluted compositions reflect childhood memories and express images and moods that take the listener on a sensory journey. Whether childish play, the rain or gusts of wind, Herrmann consistently shows that logical compositional rigour does not rule out sensual lightness. Entirely rooted in the tradition of jazz, but with modern grooves and almost childish playfulness, the excellently co-ordinated quartet reproduces the composed pictures highly individually, and expresses them in varying light and new colours.

links: www.andy-herrmann.com
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