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Life is complex it's beautiful and ugly and ...  
artist: Alternative Facts
album: Life is complex it's beautiful and ugly and ...
reference: UTR 4797
release date: 29.09.2017
running time: 73:47
line-up: Udo Schindler – soprano- & tenorsaxophone, cornet, euphonium
Gunnar Geisse – laptop guitar / virtual instruments
Patrick Schimanski – drums, live electronics

credits: Recorded live at Pöllat-Pavillon Munich, November 19, 2015 by Wolfgang Obrecht
Mix & Master: W. Obrecht/Studio RichArt
Music by Udo Schindler, Gunnar Geisse, Patrick Schimanski (GEMA)
Band Photos: Wilfried Petzi, Michael Kurz
Back Photo: Albert R. Salemgareyev / ACBK
Producer: Schindler-Geisse-Schimanski

Thanks for supporting us: Philipp Kolb, Wolfgang Obrecht, Wilfried Petzi, Albert Salemgareyev, Rainald Schwarz
liner notes: Life is complex it's beautiful and ugly and everything in between and something beyond colors we don't understand colors we agree to and colors we deny exist.

links: www.arch-musik.de
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