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I'm Wondering  
artist: Dima Bondarev Quintet
album: I'm Wondering
reference: UTR 4796
release date: 15.09.2017
running time:
line-up: Dima Bondarev - trumpet, flugelhorn
Igor Osypov - guitar
Ludwig Hornung - piano
Max Mucha - bass
Jesus Vega - drums

credits: All compositions by Dmytro Bondarev
Recorded at Recpublica Studios, Lubrza PL
Recording Date 20.05.2016
Studio engineer by Łukasz Olejarczyk
Mixing by Charis Karantzas
Mastering by Douglas Henderson

Special Thanks to Bogumiła Berdychowska and Narodowe Centrum Kultury, Oksana Manoilo, Igor Spallati, Andreas Lang, Ugo Alluni, Kuba Gudz, Mathias Jensen, Tom Berkmann, Piotr Wojtasik, Gerard Presencer, John Hollenbeck, Martin Auer, Tom Arthurs, Mark Muelbauer, Greg Cohen, Julia Hülsmann, my parents and DB Quintet's Members.

liner notes: This Quintet is one of the brightest examples of how versatile cultures, music trends, mindsets united and driven by the universal power of jazz can take shape of an offbeat, well-balanced and exquisite formation. The band members, each with pool of experience under the belt, meet in 2013 when the leader moves to Berlin in quest of fresh expressions and interactions. Jazz Institute Berlin becomes the cradle of the group. Jesus Vega on drums (USA) and Max Mucha on bass (Poland) start the rhythm engine. Igor Osypov (UA) laces the tunes on the guitar, while Ludwig Hornung on piano (Germany) and Dima Bondarev on trumpet (UA) add the final touches and let the band’s soft and vibrant soul be heard at full blast.The band has shared many happy and glorious moments together. Some of the highlights: the 2nd price of '50. Jazz and Odra festival' in Wroclaw (Poland, 2014), the 1st Price of Festival de Jazz à Montauban (France, 2014) and JIB-Jazz-Preis Der Karl Hofer Gesellschaft Gestiftet von Toni und Albrecht Kumm (Germany, 2015). When reflecting on the band’s lifetime, Dima says: “A while back I could think it’s a big deal to form a jazz group. However, with these guys everything flows naturally. Every musician is a planet with the unbeaten track and integrally we’re a coherent universe comfortably interacting with each other. So much more to discover and create in this stellar fusion!”

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