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artist: Akvariet Trio feat. Markus Stockhausen
album: Orakel
reference: UTR 4783
release date: 15.09.2017
running time: 48:43
line-up: Rieko Okuda - Piano, Singing Bowls
Markus Stockhausen - Fluegelhorn, Singing Bowls
Antti Virtaranta - Bass, Singing Bowls
Wieland Möller - Drums, Gongs, Singing Bowls

credits: All compositions by Wieland Möller
Toteninsel inspired by Rachmaninov
Recorded at Klanghaus Klein Jasedow by Markus Ziegenhagen in October 2016
Mixed by Martin Ruch and Mastered by Antonio Kühn in January - March 2017
Coverdesign by Sylvain Mazas

Our gratitude goes to our families and friends for their love, support and trust in us.
Special thanks to Kora for her loving energy and encouragement, to Antonio and the team in Klein Jasedow for their generosity and to Markus Stockhausen for his great musical input.

Contact: Wieland Möller; wielandmusik@yahoo.de; wielandbookings@gmail.com

liner notes: The debut album of the Berlin Akvariet Trio: jazzy and rock-like, impromptu or precisely composed sound patterns. A poetic journey to the centre of human spirits – with all the ups and downs. By its album ORAKEL, the Akvariet Trio proves that you can even tell stories by music. At any rate, the thought of a life story or a phase of life directly comes up when you are listening to the first album of the Berlin jazz trio. The album comprises 4 compositions by the trio members plus “Dunkles Licht“, a mystically vibrating and trance-like piece which tops it all. With his playing the flugelhorn, the trumpeter and composer Markus Stockhausen roams real depths of life and, by tones like oracle chants, makes the listener dive into a lyrically and, at the same time, highly concentrated and dreamy world. ORAKEL is a promising debut album. The tonal resources of the Akvariet Trio with Markus Stockhausen are enormous. From lyrically flowing motions to whirling ecstasies, from strictly arranged structures to improvisational material – all that modern sound art characterizes is in this relase. The Akvariet Trio does not fit into any category – a fact that goes without saying, for openness and curiosity towards different styles and traditions are a must of any lively contemporary music.

links: www.akvariettrio.com
upcoming concerts:
Pasinger Fabrik, München DE05.04.2018
Kulturforum, Kiel DE11.04.2018
listen and buy the album at:
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