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artist: Piano Süd Trio
album: Hypothesis
reference: UTR 4726
release date: 07.07.2017
running time: 53:51
line-up: Antonello Messina - piano
Luca Lo Bianco - acoustic bass
Silvano Borzacchiello - drums

credits: Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Digitube Studio - Curtatone (MN), Italy
Sound Engineer: Carlo Cantini
Recording date: November 2015
Graphic design and photography: Annatina Graf
Contact: Luca Lo Bianco (pianosudtrio@gmail.com)

Thanks to Harald Haerter and Lukas Kurmann, Unit Records, to Kulturfabrik Kofmehl, Solothurn, Stadt Solothurn, Kanton Solothurn and Migros Kulturprozent and all those who believed and believe in us. Special thanks to Annatina, Sarah, Claudia for the great and precious support.

liner notes: Piano Süd Trio is a shared project bringing together the musical and human experience of three musicians, all living far away from their native country, yet all bound together by the thread of shared memory. Memory built upon gestures, glances, complicity, unspoken words, ancient rituals. A heritage shared, in a thousand different ways, by all peoples from the South, that South which is a feeling of belonging much more than it is a geographical place. This is the music of Piano Süd Trio. And it is much more. A repertoire bringing together dance, lyricism, irony, contrasts in timbre and dynamics, a taste for melody and unpredictability. A confluence of languages overlapping with memories. A vision capable of turning space into intent.

links: www.facebook.com/piano.sud.trio
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