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Abisko Lights  
artist: Abisko Lights
album: Abisko Lights
reference: UTR 4795
release date: 18.08.2017
running time: 41:06
line-up: Dirk Flatau - piano
Hannes Daerr - bassclarinet
Tabea Schrenk - cello
Benjamin Wellenbeck - drums
Niklas Lukassen - double bass

credits: All compositions by Dirk Flatau
Recorded at Blackbird-Music-Studio, Berlin 12.-14.02.2016
Studio engineer: Michael Ungerer
Mixing and mastering by Wolfgang Schiefermair

Dirk Flatau
Sonnenallee 46
12045 Berlin
+49 (0) 30 - 60 92 70 38
+49 (0) 177 - 927 69 77

liner notes: Inspired by Northern Lights and endless Scandinavian landscapes, the „Abisko Lights“ subtly combine acoustic, contemporary jazz with influences from chamber music, pop and oriental folklore.
In their music, clear, reduced melodic lines and song structures intertwine with delicate rhythm patterns and form wide sound planes, between composed passages and improvisation the Berlin based quintet gives rise to a diverse and transparent bandsound.
In August 2017, the band’s debut album „Abisko Lights“ is going to be published by Swiss jazz label Unit Records.

links: www.abiskolights.com
upcoming concerts:
Kaffeekultur, Fulda DE23.02.2018
Retronom, Erfurt DE24.02.2018
Weltecho, Chemnitz DE25.02.2018
C.Keller, Weimar DE 26.02.2018
Waldsee, Freiburg DE 27.02.2018
KOHI, Karlsruhe DE 28.02.2018
Frankfurt, mampf26.04.2018
Gräfenberg, Schreinerei Kunzmann27.04.2018
Kultur im Kloster, Horb am Neckar DE 28.04.2018
Berlin, Jazzbar Zukunft am Ostkreuz23.05.2018
Luckenwalde, Kultur-Café klassMo25.05.2018
Halle, jazzflag08.09.2018
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