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The garden of stolen sounds  
artist: Hub Hildenbrand
album: The garden of stolen sounds
reference: UTR 4787
release date: 14.07.2017
running time: 73:35
line-up: Hub Hildenbrand – Gitarre, Komposition

credits: All compositions by Hub Hildenbrand, except
(6) Corrente [J.S. Bach, BWV 1002]; (8) Es fiel ein Reif in der Frühlingsnacht (There came a frost in spring) [german folk song]; (10) Kıyılı halayı [turkish folk song]
Recorded at Bagemühl Church, Germany
Recording Date: October 2015
Studio engineer and mastering by Sebastian Ohmert (Sonic-Impulse Studio, Berlin)

Contact: hh@hubhildenbrand.de

liner notes: Hub Hildenbrand, in his new solo program, masterly combines the most diverse sounds he has heard and collected all over the world (India, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Ireland, Germany, USA) and transforms them with dreamlike ease into a unique musical language. „The "Garden of stolen sounds" is where all my musical paths meet. From more familiar places, as well as distant cultures, I have always taken something home. When it came to recording the CD, rather than deciding between the possibilities, I just took all! I gathered the most beautiful sounds, moving freely between my previous projects and CD releases, which I had rather attempted to fence off from each other. I became suddenly aware that there was an overriding oneness to the music! A certain homogeneity appeared, the interplay of colors, like a garden full of different flowers but still a whole. It worked miraculously. Since then I spend a lot of time in my "Garden of stolen sounds" and I delight in watching the eclectic.

links: www.hubhildenbrand.de
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