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artist: Bassic Vibes
album: Returnology
reference: UTR 4778
release date: 07.07.2017
running time: 60:34
line-up: Erich Fischer - vibraphone
Thomas Lähns - double-bass
Yuvisney Aguilar - percussion

credits: Aufnahmedatum: 2016
Aufnahmestudio: CH

liner notes: BASSIC VIBES is mostly playing compositions of Erich Fischer. His pieces originate from the stylistically manyfold and diversified world of jazz. The music of this «jazz trio» has been arranged in an original and interesting way. In the theme parts, the vibraphone, the double bass and the percussion are set according their rhythmical, melodical and harmonical possibilities. In the improvised parts, there is much space for musical interactions, in trio, duo or solo. The plucked and bowed strings of the double bass, combined with the beated and bowed bars of the vibraphone, result in charming and beautiful colours of sounds. The drums and cymbals played by the cuban master-percussionist enrich the sound of BASSIC VIBES in a fundamental way. He accompanies in a sensitive manner and is playing inspiring solos. All these pecularities of BASSIC VIBES are presenting «good vibes» to the audience.
links: www.erichfischer-musik.ch
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