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Live / Monotypes  
artist: Yannick Delez Piano Solo
album: Live / Monotypes
reference: UTR 4755
release date: 16.06.2017
running time: CD1: 62:27 / CD2: 59
line-up: Yannick Delez - piano

credits: Recorded at Beethoven Haus, Bonn
Recording Date : CD 1 November 2013, CD2 November 2015
Studio engineer and mastering Christoph Rieseberg

Huge thanks to Harald Harter for his tireless support.
Thanks to : Harald Rehmann, Ursula Timmer-Fontani,Christoph Rieseberg, Chloe Levy, Emilie Brisedou, Xavier Good.

Contact: contact@yannickdelez.com

liner notes: Make and unmake time. Expand and embrace space. Yannick Delez sketches possibilities of the moment as much as he probes the giddiness of the centuries. He touches upon chromatic constellations with shimmering iridescence, febrile lights, precise to the point of losing itself. His fragile and slender lyricism arises randomly from Suite fran├žaise, whose transitional nights vanish in their dazzling ink. Miniatures and vanishing sight lines. Structures and stratum. Live or behind closed doors. Yannick Delez's piano playing proves itself in both. It's his strength, his beauty, his cohesion. Between plans. Between shapes. Between lines. Yannick Delez is a sculptor in suspension. His hands are liquid as they plunge various jazz standards into their shivering foams. From minimalism to Echtzeitmusik, from Schumann to improvisation, this double album unfolds through intimate currents, through underground correspondences, through spectral affinities. Between tones, between sounds, between oneself. Augmentation, diminution, translation. Because they endlessly redefine the geometry of their own sound, Yannick Delez's works widen durations, refract connections, superimpose curves revealing a singular and extra-ordinarily personal temporality. Not a linear time, dramatized or topographied, but a polyphonic and rhizomatic time. An undulating time, both fluid and labyrinthic. A between-time. In its bosom blossoms unparalleled musical spaces.

links: www.yannickdelez.com
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