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artist: A. Schimmeroth „Recalling Dimensions"
album: Sunlight
reference: UTR 4782
release date: 19.05.2017
running time: 40:42
line-up: Alexander Schimmeroth - Piano, Rhodes
Volker Heinze - Bass
Alfonso Garrido - Percussion
Roland Höppner - Drums

credits: All Compositions by Alexander Schimmeroth Recorded at Loft Cologne by Christian Heck, Feb. 16+17,2016
Mastering by Christian Heck

Special Thanks to Roland, Volker und Alfonso and everybody else who made this album possible

Contact: alex@schimmeroth.com

liner notes: Already the somewhat unusual instrumentation of piano, bass, drums and percussion makes obvious, that rhythm matters here . One of the inspirations for this project is the legendary recording by Herbie Hancock „Inventions and Dimensions, where percussion did have a prominent appearance.
Especially for this band Alex Schimmeroth wrote all compositions exclusively.

links: www.schimmeroth.com
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