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Some kind of odd  
artist: Stefan Frommelt Trio
album: Some kind of odd
reference: UTR 4769
release date: 21.04.2017
running time: 58:54
line-up: Stefan Frommelt – Piano
Marius Meier – Double-Bass
Marvin Studer – Drums

credits: Aufnahmedatum: July 15 and Feb/Sept 16
Aufnahmestudio: Zack Records, St. Gallen CH / Little Big Beat Studios, Eschen FL
All compositions by Stefan Frommelt, Marius Meier and Marvin Studer
tracks 3, 5, 7 recorded & mixed by Pierre Bendel at Zack Records, St. Gallen/CH July 2015
tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, recorded & mixed by Little Konzett at Little Big Beat Studios in Eschen/FL, February & Sptember 2016
mastered by Little Konzett at Little Big Beat Mastering in Weiler/A, November 2016
Cover Design by Katarina Real and Ewald Frick at Grafikagentur TANGRAM, Vaduz, FL
Frontcover Art «Rhythmisch» by Martin Frommelt. Schaan/FL

Verdankenswerterweise gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung Liechtenstein, die Guido Feger Stiftung sowie die Valüna Stifung

liner notes: The Piano-Trio, with Stefan Frommelt on piano, Marius Meier on double bass and Marvin Studer on drums, are on the search for the inner beauty of all things odd, in which each can discover their own special moments.The pieces play with current trends in odd meters and forms within the classical parameters of melody, harmony and rhythm, providing a framework with lots of space for interaction and improvisation.
A 'some kind of odd', but still quite all right, life often bestows on us unexpected gifts. Seemingly inappropriate and unnerving experiences may seem shocking, upsetting and dismissive but life is that way sometimes. By accepting it, it enriches us and reveals its full beauty. In our efforts to even the odd we will often fail until we can see and value the beauty in it. Our music is the expression of these attempts, to stay in the odd until it breaks free and floats and grooves by itself. Sparkling energy, enthusiasm and fun characterize this dynamic and agile trio in this new Stefan Frommelt Trio production.

links: www.stefanfrommelt.com
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