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artist: Woody Black 4
album: Curiosity
reference: UTR 4735
release date: 07.04.2017
running time: 58:49
line-up: Stephan Dickbauer - clarinet
Oscar Antoli - clarinet, bass clarinet
Leonhard Skorupa - bass clarinet
Daniel Moser - bass clarinet

credits: All Compositions by Leonhard Skorupa, Stephan Dickbauer, Daniel Moser and Oscar Antoli exept No.14 composed by Mathias Rüegg
Recorded at: Radiokulturhaus Vienna
Recording Date: August 2016
Recording, Mix and Mastering by Florian Widhalm

Special thanks to Klaus Dickbauer, Mathias Rüegg, Family, Friends and all loved ones

Artwork by Christian Murzek
Contact: info@woodyblack4.com
liner notes: Woody Black 4 are following a rather unusual musical path. The instrumentation, with four clarinets, is already out of the ordinary. The varied language of jazz serves as their foundation, but they combine that with distant musical lands, from New Music to Pop. But no matter the mix, the sound of this quartet always remains warm, mellow and pure. That doesn't mean it's always smooth, though. Woody Black 4 is best described as a collection of clarinet virtuosos that enjoy the experimental, flirt with the avant-garde, and sometimes wander into the dissonant.
Austrian Music Export

links: www.woodyblack4.com
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