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artist: Holobiont
album: DAWN
reference: UTR 4742
release date: 17.02.2017
running time: 40:05
line-up: Felix Fritsche - alto-saxophon, bassclarinet
Julian Bohn - piano
Johannes Nebel - bass

credits: All compositions by Felix Fritsche, except; #1,4,7 by Julian Bohn
Recorded at Tonstudio Hirschberg, Oberkirchen (D)
Recording Date February 19/20 & April 8 2016
Studio engineer Markus Braun, Mastered: Markus Braun

Special Thanks Markus Braun, Tobias Schutte, Georg Niehusmann, Achim Zepezauer, Marc Botschen, Matthias Nadolny, Wollie Kaiser, Robert Landfermann, John Hondorp, Florian Weber, Waldo, Frederike, Verena and our families

Contact: fc@felixfritsche.de, +49-152-28949731

liner notes: A system consisting of a multitude of different species, whose combined activities yield a new whole. That’s the rough definition of a holobiont, and the inspiration for the name chosen by this inventive trio composed of multi-reed player Felix Fritsche, pianist Julian Bohn and bassist Johannes Nebel.
The trio members continually approach their original compositions from different angles through the ample space the pieces provide for strong-willed improvisation and an expressive approach to sound sculpting, though the trio deftly manages to cultivate a homogenous band sound as a whole in spite of all of their experimentation.
The instrumentation, consisting of saxophone, piano and double bass, allows the three musicians plenty of freedom, which they explore enthusiastically with various stylistic means, from daydream-like melodies and detailed soundscapes all the way to free, ecstatic moments, without ever losing touch with their common trio identity or failing to serve their compositions faithfully.

links: www.felixfritsche.de/holobiont
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