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Colliding Particles  
artist: Colliding Particles
album: Colliding Particles
reference: UTR 4632
release date: 27.01.2017
running time:
line-up: Lorenzo Herrnhut-Girola - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Compositions
Rafael Schilt - Tenorsax, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
Yves Theiler - Keyboard and Piano
Claudio Struby - Drum

credits: All compositions by Lorenzo Herrnhut-Girola except "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed
Recorded at Playground Studios, Zürich
Recording Date: 30./31. January 2015
Studio engineer Thomas Fessler
Mix and mastering by Rene? Zingg

Contact: Lorenzo Herrnhut-Girola, Schutzengelstrasse 53, 6340 Baar
E-Mail: info@colliding-particles.com

liner notes: This "Bass-less" Quartet doesn´t only see itself as four parts of a whole but rather as apparently erratic elementary parts, which are able to generate a special energy in their seemingly random collision.
The resulting music touches various facets of what today is called "modern" Jazz and is the logical consequence of the musicians' experience: Lorenzo Herrnhut-Girola on the guitar, Yves Theiler on the keyboards and the piano, Rafael Schilt on the tenor saxophone, at the Clarinet and Bass Clarinet and Claudio Stru?by on drums.

links: www.colliding-particles.com
listen and buy the album at:
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