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Lovesongs for a broken pencil  
artist: Hands & Bits
album: Lovesongs for a broken pencil
reference: UTR 4740
release date: 20.01.2017
running time: 41:33
line-up: Simon Schellnegger - viola, loops, voice
Julian Pieber - electronic devices, drums, voice

Additional instruments:
Wolfgang Sambs (guit., track 1)
Melanie Ku? nz (voc., track 8)
Ralph Lemoch (dj, track 2)
Juliana Siegl (voc., track 3 & 7)

credits: All compositions by Simon Schellnegger and Julian Pieber

Recording Studio: Multiple Sessions all over Austria
Recorded from 2014 to 2015
Recorded & mixed by Wolfgang FrieƟ, Floxe, Kurt Richter, Hands & Bits
Mastered by Floxe

liner notes: The Austrian electronic-,acoustic-duo formation Hands & Bits dedi- cated their debut album to everyday rituals - loops - , sometimes interrupted by unpredictable situations like the demolition of a pencil tip or even the death of an individual
. Musically starting with simplicity, followed by extended romantic scenery up to the complete resolution of matter - white noise - thats the sound structure of "Lovesongs for a broken pencil". Me- taphoric thoughts are predicted.

links: www.handsandbits.at
listen and buy the album at:
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