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Blue Clouds  
artist: Frankfurt Exploration
album: Blue Clouds
reference: UTR 4646
release date: 25.11.2016
running time: 42:58
line-up: Heinz Sauer: sax
Bob Degen: piano
Valentin Garvie: trumpet
Markus Schieferdecker: bass
Uli Schiffelholz:drums

credits: Compositions by Valentin Garvie, Heinz Sauer, Bob Degen, Markus Schieferdecker and Uli Schiffelholz
Recorded at Fattoria Musica in Osnabrück
Recording Date: May 28th/29th 2015
Studio engineer and mastering by Walter Quintus

Kontakt: Valentin Garvie: valentingarvie@yahoo.com
Uli Schiffelholz: uli.schiffelholz@freenet.de

liner notes: Frankfurt has a long and important tradition as a Jazz city. The brothers Albert and Emil Mangelsdorff and the concert manager Horst Lippmann were main figures. Some musicians involved in this scene are still active in the Hessischen Rundfunk Jazz Ensemble (Frankfurt Radio Jazz Ensemble), formation that has been active since 1958. the connections between this old generation, renown for its aesthetic opennes and risk-taking with the middle and young generations could have been more developed over the years. Frankfurt Exploration is a group that came together for a concert in Frankfurt Romandfabrik in 2014 intends to create exactly these kind of bridges between generations of Frankfurt musicians.

links: www.ulischiffelholz.de
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