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The Nature Of The Blues  
artist: Mats-Up
album: The Nature Of The Blues
reference: UTR 4728
release date: 11.11.2016
running time: 49:14
line-up: Matthias Spillmann - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Reto Suhner - Alto Saxophone, Alto Flute
Marc Méan - Virtual Piano
Raffaele Bossard - Accoustic Bass
Dominic Egli - Drums
Special guest:
Mathias Küenzli - Percussion, Additional Drums
credits: Aufnahmedatum: dec 19 & 20, 2015 and feb 20, 2016
Aufnahmestudio: Studio La Fonderie, Fribourg CH
All compositions by Matthias Spillmann
Recorded at Studio La Fonderie, Fribourg on dec 19 & 20, 2015 and feb 20, 2016
Recording and mixing engineer: Hoover Lee
Mastering: Benoit Corboz
Cover art: Ralph Sonderegger

Thanks to: Mathias Künzli, Hoover Lee, Sacha Ruffieux, Ralph Sonderegger, Harald Haerter & Lukas Kurmann, Pianoteq, Stadt Zürich Kultur for financial support, all the listeners for their interest and support and to Reto, Dominic, Raffa and Marc for all the love, work, energy, courage and faith.

liner notes: On their latest album «The Nature Of The Blues», the MATS-UP group presents us with a radically new sound world, both enigmatic and familiar. Each composition starts out from of the natural tones series as found in oldest musical traditions such as overtone singing or melodies for the Alphorn. Stretching over several years, the creative process has also allowed each of the five musicians, in a certain way, to rediscover their own instrument from scratch; it is from this «sounds repertoire» that they drew inspiration for their improvisations. Thus it is not by pure coincidence that the musicians came across the original roots of what is commonly known as «jazz»: instead, we´re dealing here with the groove as an expression of collective energy and with the blues born of individual signatures.

links: www.matsup.ch
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