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Trio Recordings  
artist: Jung/Jung
album: Trio Recordings
reference: UTR 4691
release date: 14.10.2016
running time: 64:15
line-up: Alex Jung - Guitars
Heiko Jung - Bass
Matthias Gmelin - Drums

Tobias Meinhart - Sax (Track 9 "Fourscore")
Ernst Ströer - Percussion (Track 2 "Pharao")

credits: Aufnahmedatum: 22th & 23th of January 2016
Aufnahmestudio: Realistic Sound Studios, Munich DE
Recorded on 22th & 23th of January 2016
Recorded by Florian Oestreicher @ Realistic Sound Studios, Munich
Produced by Alex Jung & Heiko Jung
Mixed by Tom Peschel @ Downhill Studios, Munich
Liner notes by Bill Milkowski
Photography by Christoph Jorda
Artwork by Florian Huber

Many thanks to: Harald Haerter & Lukas Kurmann, Florian Oestreicher, Tom Peschel, Tobias Meinhart, Ernst Ströer, Ferdinand Settele, Christoph Jorda, Marco "Gumper" Schmidt

liner notes: Some have to spend another lifetime looking for the ideal fellow musicians. Not an issue for the creative heads behind the trio JUNG//JUNG though: they're twin brothers and they apparently share the same DNA in terms of groove. Alex Jung plays a sixstring guitar, Heiko Jung plays a six-string bass. Two instruments, as different as they are alike. Two brothers, as identical as they are distinctive. On their latest output 'trio recordings' it becomes clearly audible that they have spent days in small, stuffy rehearsal coops and hours on stage heated by the bright spotlights. The music is full of harmony and full of tension, it cooks on full flame and simmers on reduced heat, it sounds like the good ol' days and like a departure into a new era. Two antipodal elements gravitating towards each other, grounded by their backing, drummer Matthias Gmelin. The trio line-up allows every instrument to breathe and they float and drift and flatter. And some of the unexpected key changes and odd pulses are to the uninitiated listener like a small, well-told joke between two twin brothers smiling knowingly...

links: www.jungjung.de
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