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Malen Nach Mahler  
artist: Hello Truffle
album: Malen Nach Mahler
reference: UTR 4732
release date: 14.10.2016
running time: 38:56
line-up: Matthias Wenger - Saxophones, Electronics, Violin, Wurlitzer, Harmonium
Nick Perrin - Guitar
Philipp Moll - Bass
Christoph Steiner - Drums

credits: Aufnahmestudio: Atelier U65, Bern CH
- All compositions by Matthias Wenger, except Kreisverkehr and Geopard by Philipp Moll
- Atelier U65 in Berne
- June & November 2015
- Recorded and produced by Matthias Wenger
- Mastered by Martin Ruch

- Contact: Matthias Wenger, matwengermusic@gmail.com, +41787571103

liner notes: It probably helps that you are into UK ambient music like The Cinematic Orchestra, New York avant-garde a la John Zorn, or into jam bands a la Medeski Martin & Wood when it comes to the feisty newcomers Hello Truffle. The Swiss-based outfit released their acclaimed live debut Streifzug on Werkstatt Records and Unit Records in 2013, followed by a tour through Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Currently Hello Truffle are burning the midnight oil to follow up with their highly anticipated first studio album Malen Nach Mahler, due for release in autumn 2016 on Unit Records. On this release, the group will interpret the term Jazz as the sound of thought, the craving for revolution - against boredom, obviousness & everydayness - rather than the nostalgic soundtrack to smoky clich├ęs about an impression of cool. Expect terrific writing, heavy grooves and loads of energy and humour when listening to their upcoming oeuvre.

links: www.hellotruffle.com
listen and buy the album at:
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