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artist: Izabella Effenberg
album: IZA
reference: UTR 4730
release date: 16.09.2016
running time: 71:43
line-up:  Izabella Effenberg - Vibes, Crotales, Composition, Array Mbira (on 14./15.)
Jochen Pfister - Piano
Pawel Czubatka - Drums,Marimbola
Agnes Lepp - Vocal on 13.
credits: Recording engineer: Florian Oestreicher realistic sound;
Mastered by Christoph Stickel at msm studio munich and Florian Oestreicher
Photos by Ludwig Olah; Artwork by Jürgen Held
All Compositions written and produced by Izabella Effenberg.
Booking: www.izabellaeffenberg.com
liner notes:  "Izabella Effenberg is a modern jazz vibraphonist full of soul. Her roots are clearly recognisable, and yet she's developed a unique sound.
 The music is everywhere with influences coming from left and right, up and down. With her rich tone, Izabella leads this small group into virtuosic variations and high-tempered outbursts; she's really able to communicate and open up the music. Her compositions are heavily worked out and full of different colours. But she still leaves plenty of room for freedom and for feelings.
 Izabella is truly an artist worthy of the name, and anyone curious about the future of jazz should take a listen to this CD. Her companions, Jochen Pfister and Pawel Czubatka, are of an equally high standard and, together, they form a wonderful trio"

links: www.izabellaeffenberg.com
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