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artist: Straymonk
album: Pling
reference: UTR 4722
release date: 23.09.2016
running time: 54:02
line-up: Gabriel Dalvit, Alto Saxophon
Nat Su, Alto Saxophon
Jonas Ruther, Drums
Dominique Girod, Bass

credits: Aufnahmedatum: June 3/4/5, 2016
Aufnahmestudio: Das Institut, Zürich CH
All compositions by Nat Su
Recording/ Mastering by Maxime Paratte
Contact: dalvit@gmx.ch

liner notes: Straymonk dedicates its new program to itself, the centerpiece being the music of Nathanael Su. The quartet, with its two alto saxophones, makes the most of the fine, intelligent and always groovy compositions to reveal fresh and dynamic arrangements, from this brand new music. It´s the surprising choice of instruments-two alto-saxophones, bass and drums that provide the basis for new and exciting interpretations. Years of work on a unique band-sound and the fusion of both alto-sax timbres lead in the exposition of themes to a penetrating, almost hypnotic accord. In contrast, the four musicians take advantage of the space in their solos for enthralling adaptations and surprising dialogues; contemporary Jazz could not sound fresher. At the center of Straymonk stand the two alto-saxophonists Nathanael Su Gabriel Dalvit. Both are connected by a common passion for a full, warm alto-sound, and supported by a smoothly coordinated rhythm section. The contrabass player Dominique Girod and drummer Jonas Ruther demonstrate not only their ability to provide soloists necessary space and support, but themselves leave a mark as soloists.
links: www.straymonk.com
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