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Love is yours is mine  
artist: Kiki Manders
album: Love is yours is mine
reference: UTR 4721
release date: 26.08.2016
running time: 42:44
line-up: Kiki Manders vocals - piano, rhodes
Attila Mühl - guitar
Jonathan Ihlenfeld Cuniado - electric bass, ukulele bass
Bodek Janke - drums, percussion

credits: Aufnahmedatum: 21 & 22 September 2015
Aufnahmestudio: FUNKHAUS STUDIO Berlin DE
- All compositions & lyrics by Kiki Manders, except for Avec Le Temps by Léo Ferré, arrangement by Kiki
- Recorded at FUNKHAUS STUDIO Berlin , 21 & 22 September 2015
- Recorded by Martin Ruch, Assisted by Philipp Dusse, Meike Alex and Yensin Yahn
- Mixing & Master by Martin Ruch
- Produced by Martin Ruch & Kiki Manders

- Special Thanks: Ome Piet and Erik Manders, my family and friends, Sonja Trabandt, Stephie Abendt, Philip Bais, Esther Kuiper voor je onvoorwaardelijke steun, Martin "magician" Ruch for transforming hydrogen into the holy grail of high pressure physics, Bodek Janke and Attila Mühl for being amazing musicians and Jonathan Ihlenfeld Cuniado for besides being an incredible bassist, thank you for "yesterday"

- Contact: www. info@kikimanders.com

liner notes: In Kiki´s music is nature and she finds music in nature. The singer takes inspiration from her encounters with natur, she prefers to write music outdoors - where she feels as a free and moving part of everything. Kiki Manders not only understands the dynamics of the natural as a metaphor for her music, but also for life in general ". I want to live life like water and wind". It is not a coinsidence that the only title on the album that isn´t her own composition, Avec le temps by Leo Ferre, picks up on the transience of life thematically and describes it in a most touching way. Some of the ten songs are written in her mother tongue, a dialect of the South of the Netherlands, which additionally makes the diverse album very personal and authentic.

links: www.kikimanders.com
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