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Schapizki Live  
artist: Felix Wahnschaffe
album: Schapizki Live
reference: UTR 4710
release date: 15.07.2016
running time: 46:69
line-up: Felix Wahnschaffe: alt sax
Marc Schmolling: piano
Matthias Pichler: bass
Moritz Baumgärtner: drums

credits: Recorded at "Naherholung Sternchen"
All compositions by Schapitzki, exept When I wish upon a Star by Walt Disney
Recording Date 28.1 2014
Studio engineer and mastering by Matthias Millhoff

Contact: felix.wahnschaffe@gmx.de

liner notes: The four musicians Felix Wahnshaffe, Marc Schmolling, Moritz Baumgärtner and Matthias Pichler met in 2012 to become "Schapitzki" After having played a couple of gigs, it was clear, that this is a real band, with a unique sound, and a common sense of understanding music.
Those live-recordings has been made in 2014 during a "Jazz Kollektiv Berlin" - Festival. It´originally mastered two track material with no cutting, and no dubbing.

links: www-felix-wahnschaffe.de
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