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Artist: Marc Perrenoud Piano Solo
Album: Hamra
Katalog Nr: UTR 4707
Releasedatum: 24.06.2016
Albumdauer: 41:19
Line-Up: Marc Perrenoud - Piano

Credits: Aufnahmedatum: 21-23 december 2015
Aufnahmestudio: Studio de Meudon, Paris, FR
Recorded, mixed and mastered on 21-23 december2015 by Julien Basserès at Studio de Meudon, Paris, France
Photography by Emile Holba, London, United Kingdom
Cover design by Steven Götz
Produced by Marc Perrenoud

Thanks to:
Audrey Vigoureux, Inès de Saussure, Famille Perrenoud, Cynthia and Patrick Odier, Nicole Mayer, Julien Basserès, Bernard Faulon, Isabel Maret, Jean Alexandre Blanchet, Elodie Perrelet, Fabrizio Chiovetta and Nancy Rieben, Julia Batinova, Céline et Bastien Semenzato, Valentin Peiry, Harald Haerter, Francine and Serge Winch, Jean-Claude Rochat, Volker Dueck, and my love, Dima al-Hosni.

Liner Notes: If you ever wonder what can be done on the piano, this sprint is all you need to hear. I have one favor to ask: Would someone please book himd for a tour of the States? We want to see them live! Downbeat Perrenoud demonstrates he is an experienced artist who knows what goes down well with jazz audiences.
BBC Music Magazine, Neil McKim

Links: www.marcperrenoud.com
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