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artist: Yumi Ito
album: Intertwined
reference: UTR 4685
release date: 19.02.2016
running time: 52:31
line-up: Yumi Ito - Vocals
Gabriel Dalvit - Altosaxophone
Yves Theiler - Piano
Yuri Goloubev - Doublebass
credits: Aufnahmedatum: 12th - 20th of October 2014
Aufnahmestudio: Master Chord Studio, London UK
Recorded at Master Chord Studio, London between 12th-20th of October 2014
Studio engineer and mastering by Raoul Terzi, assisted by Michele G. Catri

I want to thank following persons and institutions for their encouragement and assistance:
My parents, grandparents and the whole family. All my lovely friends. All musicians who have shared the stage with me. In particular: Gabriel Dalvit, Yves Theiler, Yuri Goloubev, Slawek Plizga, Grzegorz Wlodarczyk, Alessandro Pittini, Dominique Girod, Erika Schmied, Billy Test. Harald Härter & Lukas Kurmann from Unit Records. Michele G. Catri & Raoul Terzi from Master Chord Studios. Theres Windmüller, Steff Rohrbach, Irene Bütikofer, Dominik Meier and Pierre Pallez. Kurt Gibel and Reinhard Oertli. My teachers Lisette Spinnler, Marianne Racine, Martina Bovet, Chris Wiesendanger, Omri Ziegele, Noam Renen, Bob Stoloff, Marion Cowings, Jeff Ballard, Ella & Louis. Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and Hochschule für Musik Basel.

Thanks to Pat Metheny and Deborah Brown for the permission to use "Always and Forever". Thanks to Stadt Zürich Kultur and Meyer Lustenberger Lachenal for your financial support.
Contact: yumijacquelineito@gmail.com / 0041 76 515 76 86

liner notes: In February of 2016 Yumi Ito's first CD "Intertwined", that she recorded with the alto saxophonist Gabriel Dalvit, the pianist Yves Theiler and the double bassist Yuri Goloubev in London, will be released. On her debut album the 24-year-old Swiss vocalist with Japanese and Polish roots sets to sound her personal approach to the jazz tradition. Raised in a family of musicians, fostered early on in classical singing and piano playing, it seemed natural to Yumi Ito to interpret the jazz standards on this CD in an intimate chamber music atmosphere without drums. In this way the band weaves the melodies and chords into a harmonious ensemble, subtly working with nuanced timbres in voice and instrument. Most of all, the sound pattern lives on the musician's strong improvisations and the depth with which the lyrics handled. (translated by Erika Schmied)

links: www.yumiito.ch
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