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Psychedelic Mountain Vol.1  
artist: Christoph Merki Music.01
album: Psychedelic Mountain Vol.1
reference: UTR 4680 // Vol. 2 >> UTR 4681
release date: 01.01.2016
running time: 55.28
line-up: Christoph Merki, Alto- and Soprano Sax, Composition Daniel Schenker, Trumpet
Ramon Ziegler, Piano
Lars Schmid, Fender Rhodes, Electronics
Mario von Holten, Marimbafon, Percussion
Stephan Athanas, E-Bass
Tony Renold, Drums

Gastmusiker in einzelnen Stücken: Andreas Schaerer (voc), Hannes und Klaus Fessmann (Steinklänge)
credits: Aufnahmedatum: June/July 2015
Aufnahmestudio: Hardstudios, Winterthur CH
All compositions by Christoph Merki
Recorded at Hardstudios
Winterthur June/July 2015 by Andy Neresheimer
Mixed in Montbrun-Brocage (Toulouse), August 2015, by Andy Neresheimer and Christoph Merki
Produced by Christoph Merki
Executive Producer: Christoph Merki / Peter Bürli (SRF)
liner notes: Guaranteed psychoactive! Psychedelic Mountain is what Swiss sax-man Christoph Merki calls the new programme by Music.01, his seven-piece ensemble. And it takes a full two albums to contain the product, after three years of work. An idiosyncratic sonic universe, a synthesis of minimal, jazz, ambient, prog-rock and contemporary classic. Two lyrical wind players lay down some gentle lines while three harmonic instruments (marimbaphone, Fender Rhodes and piano) weave a glowing fabric of delicate, indeed exquisite notes. Then there are also filigreed drum beats and a groovy electric bass. There are loops to be heard. But those loops donâEURTMt preclude a surprising harmonic cornucopia! In the end itâEURTMs all super suggestive. Think of Steve Reich, of Tony Banks from the legendary prog-rock outfit Genesis, of classical musicians like György Ligeti, of ambient man Aphex Twin. All at the same time. âEUR" Psychedelic Mountain? Get high on the music!

links: www.christophmerki.ch
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