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dancing in the brain  
Artist: out of print
Album: dancing in the brain
Katalog Nr: UTR 4598
Releasedatum: 27.03.2015
Albumdauer: 51:42
Line-Up: Volker Kottenhahn - piano
Dirk Strakhof - bass
Johannes Bockholt - drums, perc

Credits: Aufnahmedatum: July 5/6, 2014
Aufnahmestudio: Greve Studio, Berlin D
recordet at Greve Studio Berlin 5.+ 6.7.14
soundengineer Christoph Schlimbach
produced by out of print for unit records

thanks to Katharina, Christoph, Volker, Checho, Harald, Theres, Lukas

contact: info@strakhof.de


Liner Notes: For over 20 years, the Berlin Piano Trio has worked together and has produced 3 CDs in their original lineup. The TriosâEURTM music forms a delicate sound cosmos, constantly looking for new forms of expression. This sound is refined with a consistency that isnâEURTMt guided by temporary trends, but relies on individuality and maturity. Out of printâEURTMs current release sets foot on a new path again - this time pure piano trio music. On the new CD dancing in the brain, released in March 2015 by the Swiss label Unit Records, a mosaic turns into a synthesis of the arts. Each one of the nine tracks, all written by pianist Volker Kottenhahn and bassist Dirk Strakhof, has its own character. Together they exhibit a fascinating range of moods and styles. Their music shows candor, liveliness, and love of experimentation. In 2013, the band were once again guests in Columbia and Ecuador.
Links: www.strakhof.de
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