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Artist: Jimenez-Zwahlen 4tet
Album: Axium
Katalog Nr: UTR 4535
Releasedatum: 14.11.2014
Albumdauer: 51:07
Line-Up: Marcos Jimenez - piano
Jean-Philippe Zwahlen - guitar
Maxence Sibille - drums
Fabien Iannone - double bass
Credits: Aufnahmedatum: august 28th 2013 and decembre 1st 2013
Aufnahmestudio: Blend Studio, Lutry CH
- Recorded at Blend Studio, Lutry CH
- Recorded, mixed and masterised by Antoine Estoppey on august 28th 2013 and decembre 1st 2013

- Contact:

Liner Notes: Marcos Jimenez and Jean-Philippe Zwahlen are two proficient artists that have been playing together for more than 20 years.
Different styles of music steams from this partnership, and their debut album "Axium" reflects these synergy and chemistry. Their music is subtle, modulated by rich harmonies that reflect common tastes and a certain aesthetic of space. The band also plays covers of Lennon and African traditional music. All this is enriched by a stunning rhythm section.

Links: www.marcosjimenez.net
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