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Stranger Than Friction  
Artist: Straccia Mutande
Album: Stranger Than Friction
Katalog Nr: UTR 4494
Releasedatum: 26.09.2014
Albumdauer: 91:10
Line-Up: Laurent Waeber - alto- and baritone saxophone
John Menoud - electric guitar, electronics and alto saxophone
Louis Schild - bass
Francesco Miccolis - drums
Bernhard Schlaefli - text
Credits: Aufnahmedatum: November 2012
Aufnahmestudio: Blend Studio, Lutry CH
- All arrangements by Straccia Mutande
- Recorded at Blend Studio
- Recording Date: November 2012
- Studio engineer and mastering by Antoine Estoppey
- Special Thanks âEUR¦
- Contact: stracciamutandemusic@gmail.com
Liner Notes: "We used to worry About the bomb We should worry About ourselves And question the importance of trifles Such as the trains running on time."
A metallic compound similar to lead. A brazen Golem whose nylon and steel nerves, scorched and battered skin, brass lungs, manifold personality and borrowed voice resound with each step. Hear it sing, as your underwear tears.
Links: http://stracciamutande.tumblr.com
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