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artist: Das Blaue Pony
album: Zweigedanken
reference: UTR 4538
release date: 18.07.2014
running time: 56:21
line-up: Johannes Moritz - Tenorsaxophon, Sopransaxophon, Clarinet, Bassclarinet Sebastian Wehle - Tenorsaxophon, Sopransaxophon Robert Lucaciu - Double Bass Philipp Scholz - Drums, Glockenspiel
credits: - All compositions by Johannes Moritz (exept "Zweigedanken" by Sebastian Wehle & "Reh im Boot" by Robert Lucaciu) - Recorded at Echolux Studio Leipzig - Recording Date: 14. and 15.9. 2013 - Studio engineer Nico Teichmann and Ralf Ludwig -mastering by Christoph Stickel, MSM Studios München Contact: Johannes Moritz, johannesmoritz@gmx.net, 0049 176 29 78 58 65
liner notes: An unconventional sound-adventure: polyphonic, bright, pulsating and intensive. An energetic rhythm section pushing two sophisticated reeds. The sobriety of simple and delicate melodies meeting complex rhythmic structures. Fragile chords played by the reeds going hand in hand with the tonal roughness of doublebass and drums. Centers of bitonality arise and connect to an intensive free improvisation. The unconditional appreciation between the four instrumentalist is the heart of the music. The compositions of âEURzDas Blaue PonyâEURoe find its way through the jungle of music from chamber music, contemporary jazz, new music, the brusqueness of Tom Waits and groove influences of electronic music.
links: www.dasblauepony.net
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