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Round 4!  
Artist: Simon Spiess Trio
Album: Round 4!
Katalog Nr: UTR 4522 (Vinyl-LP)
Releasedatum: 18.04.2014
Line-Up: Simon Spiess - Soprano and Tenor Saxophone Marco Nenniger - Double Bass Daniel Mudrack - Drums & Cymbals feat. Lester Menezes - Piano
Credits: Produced by Simon Spiess and Daniel Mudrack. Recorded on the 30st and 31st of January 2014 at University Of Popular Music Mannheim by Daniel Mudrack. Special Thanks to Lester Menezes, Aargauer Kuratorium, Solothurner Kuratorium, Clientis Sparkasse Oftringen, Unit Records, Simons Family, Marie-Louise Nielsen, Julia Alicka. Photographs by Mischa Christen and Felix Groteloh. Artwork by Nuél Schoch
Liner Notes: The Simon Spiess trio invites the listener in with strong melodies, carefully attended by bandleader. One is met with a clear feeling of dedication and attention to every detail as the trio floats on a lively grid of the dusty sounding rythmsection. A beautiful broad sounding album that shows great promise for the future of this young Swiss trio. - Mikkel Ploug Round 4! is a beautiful, lyrical recording from Simon Speiss Trio. Simon has an abundance of emotional depth in his playing and has presented a compelling collection of songs that highlight his lyricism and expression. A wonderful record. - Donny McCaslin
Links: www.simonspiess.com
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